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How to do online marketing now: move where your customers go, personalize and excite

Turn the page and stop saying that the world is going to change or is changing: the world has ALREADY CHANGED. From small and medium businesses to large and successful companies, they find an essential environment on the Internet to increase their profits and customers.
For those who were skeptical or had not put enough effort into consolidating their position and online sales strategies, the coronavirus crisis is forcing them to see the point of no return we are in: either you adapt, or you do not survive.

38 billion people use social platforms on the Internet and the time they spend on them increases more and more. In particular, this trend has increased in recent months due to current times (it has played a fundamental role in such an increase). Globally, the average user spends around 2 hours and 24 minutes a day only on social networks (https://wearesocial.com/blog/2020/01/digital-2020-3-8-billion-people-use-social-media)

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What does this imply for business owners, entrepreneurs and personal brand builders? The forms of online commerce and how users access products and services, brand loyalty, are processes that have been diversified and perfected.
In advertising and marketing management, different roles are gaining more and more importance, from common users (increasing the validity of mouth-to-mouth, in this case chat-to-chat or peer-to-peer) until the consolidation of relatively recent figures such as influencers. The already remarkable economic value of data and information has tripled.

Should we cancel everything we have been doing so far in terms of marketing? What to keep when everything changes so fast?

I can already imagine you with dark circles with the laptop in one hand and the smartphone in the other, not knowing which one to drop first to have the tenth cup of coffee of the day… Well, don’t panic.

Each of the milestones and successes of marketing have a common factor: improvisation was left out and the daring and risk entered fully, with a certainty, perhaps the only possible one and the one that paradoxically puts us in front of the easiest and most complex: unique recipes are impossible. There is no technique that works without authenticity or art.

That is the only way to add value to our products and services, to create the language of our brand, in accordance with its identity. The first step is to know yourself. Know what you want, how far you can go, what your goals are and what needs you cover: how you will be useful to your customers.
This is where another of the pillars of marketing derives: you have to be where your customers are, be part of their community.

In this sense, the Internet poses a challenge: it is not simply a means of communication; It is, in addition to that, a social environment that favors and finds meanings in network communication. It is not the dispersion, nor being in all the places at the same time, that translates into the success of a solid positioning with an impact on sales and profits.

Beyond the tools and the exponential increase of users in any social network, an effective online marketing strategy places the brand, business, company, where their customers are, studies their behaviors, motivations, languages, needs:
– What social networks are my clients on?
– What are its uses?
– What are the most used social networks in the geographical area that I want to influence?

Part of success in these environments goes beyond selling a product or service: it is about selling a need, based on emotions. Making the customer be part of the business growth process, identify with the brand directly points to loyalty.

And this is something whose relevance has been increasing. The validation of brands and their offers has long ceased to be bi-directional and vertical. People, users, potential customers on the Internet rely more on the criteria of a brand of common users like themselves, and even influencers, that’s why online reputation management is so important. They perceive them as more partial voices and, therefore, trust them more. This is a whole area of ​​work, ranging from direct and personalized attention from the public to hiring influencers to reach and expand our audiences.

Each marketing strategy is a suit tailored to each client’s followers. It is a teamwork and constant communication. Identify needs, personalize and excite. Take advantage of every opportunity, observe each trend and evaluate its effectiveness based on the characteristics of the client: they are the center of your attention, therein lies the key.

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