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The Community Manager is a professional who becomes the public communicator of your online business

A social media manager is responsible for being the brand voice on social media. A community manager is responsible for advocating a brand on social networks. They create their own social persona and actively go out within the online community to connect with potential customers and advocate accordingly.

Is a professional who becomes the public communicator of the online business under the name of your brand, creating the necessary content to develop your business marketing strategy.

This professional will generate content (text, image, video) for the social networks and website of your business increasing your followers and sales, s/he will respond comments, requests for information, interact with your followers, make a weekly report of each of your networks, organize and get involved in virtual communities, building / developing your online community and giving greater visibility to your brand / product, s/he will execute marketing campaigns by email, Facebook and Instagram at the client’s request, and will give you a real reach of your business by measuring parameters such as community growth and social web traffic.

Don’t think that only big brands need a Social Media Community Manager. It is vital that you have this position, regardless of the size of your company, and that you work in coordination with the other areas (marketing, sales, legal, advertising, etc.). Only with a clear networking strategy will you be able to set goals, analyze results and redefine actions. Remember that the strategy must be in tune with the business plan and the general objectives of your brand.

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This is a research to analyze and evaluate the data of your online market; we will develop the marketing strategy specific to your brand.

Reputation management (sometimes referred to as online reputation management or ORM) is the practice of attempting to shape your business online public perception.

Looking to engage your audience with your business videos? How about having personalized photos for your social networks?

The web content specialist or content manager plan and creates the content that promotes your online presence, maintaining your business website updated.

From crafting the perfect subject line to images that resonate with your customer, and valuable content that helps your audience.

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Choose a campaign that can grow with your expectations: advertising videos, mass text messages, Fb, Instagram, Google and eMail marketing campaigns!

Let us engage your followers so they can LOVE your brand story, because great stories inspire!

Your app is your tool for better communication with your followers, making it easier for them to keep up to date, shop, book appointments and more.

Software development is an essential feature of running a business. Helps you increase in productivity, inventions, reliability, uniqueness, and efficiency with minimal efforts.

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